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There are millions and millions of secret societies and they practice a secret religion and they also form the secret government.

I'd call that a conspiracy!

It's a conspiracy fact,not a conspiracy theory.

The mafia is a secret society.The KKK is a secret society.The Nazis had secret societies.

^I would hardly call those "fictional" or the imaginings of an over fertile imagination.Secret societies worship satan and practice magick (witchcraft).They live in denial.There are billions of these crazy people over the earth sadly.They're in league with Satan and think that he gives them Jedi powers and shit.
Shadow government (secret government)
secret society
secret religion
it's a global satanic cult,it's very very HUGE and it operates the secret shadow government and is planning the New World Order and a one world religion that is a satanic cult.
by whoa buddy September 15, 2005

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