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It all comes down to one word...Mcdonalds
Everywhere u go, you see the big, yellow M. You cant tell me that they arent the quiet achievers of world domination!
by WhoCares December 17, 2003
1. The flaps located behind the wheels of a car, so that mud doesnt get caught underneath
2. When a chicks inner lavium sticks out past the body. Looks dirty
Chicks with mudflaps are dirrrty
by WhoCares December 19, 2003
what a bird does. i mean come on, people its not that hard.
all birds fly. but people cant unless they're mentally ill.
by whocares March 02, 2005
I'm not feeling too well right now cause I had way too many wobbly pops last night.
by whoCares October 27, 2003
famous evangalist who was tagged with this nickname at a gang bang
Oral Roberts, B.A., M.Div, LL.D., founder of Oral Roberts University, is recognized as one of the outstanding personalities of his generation.
by whoCares October 27, 2003
the morbid fear and dislike of old people
After travelling to San Francisco in a Volkswagon Beetle from New York with his great grand-father Dale developed gerontophobia..
by whoCares October 27, 2003
A car which, no matter how much you try to improve it, still sucks ass cauz its FWD. They are an absolute waste of money and by the time youve modded it, you could have instead bought a second-hand WRX which owns!
Man, I've got so much power in my Civic, that my wheels always spin and my car suffers from chassis twist! how cool is that?!?
by WhoCares December 17, 2003
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