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the slang spoken by the locals in hawaii. people there do not speak hawaiian, they speak pidgin. to all my mainlander "friends": stop asking me fuckin stupid questions about the hawaiian language. nobody here speaks it. now go jack off to Chuck Norris videos or watever u mainlander crazies do.

RULES FOR PIDGIN: Tourists may not speak it (or ull get ur ass kicked)
Local moks, flips, and japs may speak it.
Local haoles may speak it unaccented.
ey braddah, why u goin around wid' dat stupid haole girl? she stay pale as' fok and no can speak no pidgin even! fok u tinkin' brah!!!!

Ho brah! you see me kick dat one haole toris' ass dat try tok to me pidgin? man he shoulda see dat' shit coming brah! he stay 'tinking he da kine!
by who the fuck knows January 25, 2006
School is just another name for the five days of hell. No one likes it, no one want to be there, and it's boring as fuck.
Mackenzie:do u like school? Bob : dont you mean the five days of hell. Fuck no.
by Who the fuck knows August 30, 2013

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