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2 definitions by who me

Too Many Jobs
Tmj occurs by working the mouth too much, i.e talking, chewing, sucking
by Who me March 28, 2012
A gutterslut is what it comes down to when hoe, whore, slut, or even cunt just won't work. It's a nasty trashy girl (or even guys sometimes) who get's past around the world more then money does. S/he's often sleeping with alot of guys everyday of the week. Most guys don't wan't her execpt guys like dusty.(jamestown,ohio) S/he's just too fucking nasty you'll normaly find her in a dicth, or on the corner, of even sum times at a park were lil' kids play. Thsi girl will also sleep with your husben or baby daddy if you has to she'll pay!
Beonica C. (J-Town) You dirty gutterslut!!
by who me December 03, 2006