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r8pe is a word that derives from the word rape, it means to get completely owned by your online adversary. This usually results in t-bagging in a superior degree, n00bs are the victim of many r8pes. Different types of r8pes include

1. the no-scope- to get a head shot without zooming
2. the falcon pawnch- to get punched( or stabbed) in the face
3. the one chance grenade- to throw a grenade randomly around the map to hit a n00b going for a power weapon
4. the untouched- to kill a opponent without receiving damage back
i threw a plasma on halo reach to the banshee in pinnacle and stuck him, so he got r8ped
by who are you computer? October 24, 2010
a Major league gamer. A MLG is a variation of a n00b, this species of n00b is very aggressive and is very unskilled. they have low self confidence and think that signing up on a website makes them a gaming god.

1- the subspecies of MLG

A. the squeaker- the kid who thinks he is pro and makes retarded noises .

B.the rage quitter- a MLG who is a sore loser and quits because he has the lowest score

C. Dr. Hax- the MLG who thinks he is so good that if he dies it most be hacks

D. the Captain- the dude that fails to much on his own and blames his teamates

E. the weapon-hugger- a MLG who thinks power weapon Kills are legit and will team kill to get it

MLG consist of spoiled kids, and lonely men that masturbate in there mother's basement. The only way to destroy a MLG is to use A ownage beam which happens constantly with MLG pros
XxProxX- hey noob give me the sniper rifle *team kill*

me- What the fuck you MLG pro prick

XxProxX- *tries to kill a guy, then dies* aahhh you use Hax you faggot

i took the sniper and got 5 kills he, he still team kills me and now has a score of -2
by who are you computer? October 24, 2010

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