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Abbreviation for the term "all up on it", meaning someone or something particularly perks your interest.
Sheldon - I was alluponz when I saw this bittie with her thong stickin out!

Bert - Alluponz? I don't even know what that meeeeeaaaaaans!
by who's high pitch? February 24, 2005
1. Late 90's one hit wonder band.

2. The way civil engineering technologists spell the word "flies" because they don't understand that fly becomes flies when used in third person form.
Remember that band The Flys? They sang that "Got you where I want you" song! That singer from The Flys really likes airplines, he flys (should be flies) all the time.
by who's high pitch? March 31, 2005
The three keys you must press at the same time in Wolfenstein 3D to lose all of your points, but gain full health and weapons.
Dude you're about to die, M-I-L, M-I-L!!!!
by who's high pitch? January 25, 2005
Only those who are so unoriginal that they try to invent yet another way to avoid typing the fourth letter of yeah, when they could easily just type ya if they're that lazy...
welp I'm busy busy, gtg, YEH!
by who's high pitch? December 08, 2004
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