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A really great private school in Atlanta. Doesn't have the best of sports, but everyone has to opportunity to play them (and most people do.) They put on amazing plays. Pace has a good arts program. The academics are intense, which is great for college prep. And through it all, the teachers will help you.

Since it's so small, the teachers and coaches and deans know you by name and know about you. They can help you one-on-one.
Their mascot is the Pace Knight which was recently named Sir Wins-a-lot... an arguable statement.
The "big three" of the Atlanta private schools are Lovett, Pace, and Westminster. Lovett has the beautiful preps, Westminster the gorgeous jocks, and Pace the talented, hard-working, respectful, nice, smart kids.
Pace just got a football team, which has been a small controversy. Another recent controversy has been with the neighbors, but that's all cleaned up.
Pace isn't really religious. It's a running joke that no one knows what kind of prayer to say at an important assembly.
Pace isn't perfect. But it's hella close.
westminster wildcat a: RAWRR we will kill the pace academy knights on friday!!
wildcat b: yes, probably, but even though you are the best player on our small-minded school's team, you still won't be getting a sports scholarship and will end up at georgia state before moving into the same zip code where your parents live and joining a country club at age 23 and living a suffocating lifestyle. At least you'll have cool high school memories!!

knight a: I'm glad I go to a school where not everyone looks alike like other schools!
knight b: yeah, and it's better than public school because people actually study and want to do well in college, the world, and life here!!
by who, me? twotwentythree October 12, 2009

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