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3 definitions by whitty

a lie regarding one's penis size
Mike said he had a 9 inch dick...that is SUCH a phallacy...
by Whitty May 26, 2003
To have to urinate during a drinking session.

Origin in English/Australian cricket vernacular, drinking sessions at pubs can be scored using cricket scoring format of wickets/runs (Aus) or runs/wickets (Eng), where runs are drinks, and having to urinate is a wicket.

You might tell your mates as you stand up that you just lost another wicket.
1. "Damn it guys, just lost another wicket"

2. "Geez mate, if you lose a wicket this early you'll be up and down all night"

3. "I opened well, but am suffering from a middle-order-collapse (denotes a quick succession of wickets)"
by whitty January 27, 2005
When you shove an object in someones ass while they are asleep.
I am going 2 phwomp you
by Whitty May 22, 2004