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1 definition by whitey98

One of the richest city’s in Minnesota. The city has a substantially higher income than other suburbs of its size. Much higher income than any of the west suburbs that are big. Residents don’t have a nickname like other suburbs. People that live there think they're better than others by birth in such an expensive and awesome place. The city's high school, Henry Sibley, known as Sibley is incredibly talented at Basketball, Math team, and Debate. It also excels at Tennis. Basically anything rich white kids are good at. It also has one of the best high school science programs in the country. Many houses in Mendota Heights are valued well over a million dollars. It’s awesome! Basically if a person can afford to live there, it gives people an unwritten right that they're better than people in other cities.
by whitey98 March 11, 2009
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