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1 definition by whitey mcwhite canadian

okay, so canada is a sweet country we have winter,spring,summer AND fall. and it gets wicked mad cold in the winter, and pretty damn hot in the summer. we live in nice houses, THAT ARE NOT MADE OF ICE/SNOW. we can drink at the age of 19. which is better than america becuase they have to wait till their 21 and thats pretty freaking old. we have beer, good beer molson canadian beer. and we play hockey,infact i bet we could kick your ass in hockey... bitches:), and were nice people. we dont say aboot, its ABOUT. and we do say EH? its more polite than what? and so basically. CANADA IS THE PIMPEDY PIMP PIMP PIMPEST COUNTRY. home of the pimps
last week i went to canada and i got beat with a hockey stick and left out in the snow, becuase i didnt bow down to their pimp hand. but they gave me a molson canadian so it was all good eh?
by whitey mcwhite canadian May 08, 2006