5 definitions by whiteman

a term that means excitement; and object that could make some thing better
this party is so lame you know what could make it better, malenudity thats what
by whiteman June 10, 2005
one who is not merely gay but the epitome of gayness
Dwayne ran away like a little gay fairy master.
by Whiteman November 30, 2003
a penis that has no skin on it
they just pulled my penis out of the pencil sharpener and all it was, was a rawrod.
by whiteman June 10, 2005
i don't think so; ya right
I heard u banged that ugly bitch. Fuck too.
by whiteman July 12, 2003
The incredible Raymond Harris
Chubbs Jesus just reserected you form the dead
by whiteman June 10, 2005

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