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When a person masterbates while shitting at the same time. Producing a large log (depending on diet) that is for appearance sake cream covered.
Guy 1: Shit son I just got done Master-Blasterbating, shit got a little freaky and messy!

Guy 2: What the fuck is Master-Blasterbation?
by whitekneegrow February 21, 2012
The euphoric feeling experienced the day following the consumption of Taco Bell or similar consumable products.(this can be experienced same day as consumption)
AKA: Mud Butt
While eating Taco Bell: Man tomorrow is going to be diarific!
Man I ate some Taco Bell last night and today has been nothing but diarific.
by whitekneegrow May 11, 2010
When a person usualy calls into work or dicks out on other obligations to take part in binge drinking Irish drinks (Jameson and Guiness) with an end result of halucination or passing out in the early afternoon. Usualy takes place after a long night of binge drinking. The most popular day to attempt this is March 17.
Guy #1:Damn I drank so much wiskey and guiness yesterday I missed school and work then passed out at 2 in the afternoon.

Guy #2:Shit sounds like you went out for an Irish Vision Qwest.
by whitekneegrow February 21, 2012
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