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a wiccan ceremony that is performed at the start of a babies life if they have been born into a pagan family. the ceremony involves presenting the baby to family members of the gods or the elements depending on the exact religion the family belong to.
Boyd and Sarah are giving their new born son a wiccaning to present him to the world.
by white_wicca March 05, 2005
another word for a chant that is used when performing a spell or ritual of some kind
this spell needs an incantation to complete it.
by white_wicca March 05, 2005
a version of homophobic, except its towards lesbians not gay males
oh my god i can't believe you just said that, you are so lezaphobic
by white_wicca February 07, 2006
the power in majick terms to freeze things in their tracks.

often used in tv shows such as charmed
my power is temporal statis, i can stop things from moving
by white_wicca April 10, 2005
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