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3 definitions by white wolf

(aka. "FREAK!")
an immortal being who lives in the school septic tank. his ultimate lifelong goal is to be a butler or a hobo. he has a blank expressionless face with hair in a permanate state of confusion. he is good at holding blazers.
hey! look! its Fenech!
by white wolf September 21, 2003
4 7
Happy is an acroynim for "healthy and positive pothead youth"
dont be sadd(students against drunk driving) be happy!
by White Wolf December 30, 2004
16 25
A punk is a young male street prostitute. So you're calling someone that punk's ass, which is what gets fucked all the time by who knows who, so that's bad.
Punk ass bitch
by White Wolf May 24, 2004
36 121