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mainly for men. when you have a boner, you know its hard to take a piss in the toilet so you "leak the lemon" in the bath tub. if you tub piss don't forget to wash it down after you grody asswholes.
Hans- Hey i gotta pee, i'll be right back.
Kith- Your gonna miss cuz u have a boner.
Hans- true, i'll just tub piss.
Kith- o yaaa totally forgot bout that.
by white venom May 30, 2011
when your shit looks like brown or red soup and is all warm feeling when it is eliminated from thee anus.
Liam- Haha check out this toilet man!
Kyle- i dont know man.
Liam- do be a puss!
Kyle- ok--- eww (barf) you got the hershey squirts
Liam- Hehe
by white venom May 30, 2011
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