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1. a person who thinks you should be able to kill your baby (a living being) before it's born, but after it is born, youre not allowed to spank it because that is cruel.
2. a person who thinks that law abiding citizens should not be able to buy guns because they can hurt people but fail to realize that someone who is going to rob a bank doesn't just buy a gun at a store BECAUSE IT WOULD BE REGISTERED TO THEIR NAME.
3. a chain smoking hippie
4. someone who thinks that anyone who lives in the south is an illiterate piece of trailer trash.
5. an emo
6. emos that move to texas with their parents and refuse to dress like a human being, rather they dress up like a bunch of queers and try to have everything changed in texas because they can't take it.
7. someone who is poor and thinks that rich people ought to give them their money so they elect a nigger who will give it to them.
8. someone who thinks that a workplace needs to be diverse before it needs to be skillful. because for some magical reason, a business works better with a few lesser-skilled black guys thrown into the mix.
9. a person who believes that every animal that exists must be free and unharmed. even though their ancestors had to kill for food just like everyone elses.
10. a person who cant follow rules so the rest of the world must change the rules to cater to their needs.
11. a queer
12. an atheist who bashes christianity because he or she doesn't know much about it. he or she just feels empty inside and doesn't know why so they take it out on christians.
13. a black idiot that thinks that since his ancestors were owned by one of my ancestors, he neeeds to be repayed. in other words they have their hands out (like most blacks) expecting money that they absolutely in no way earned
14. person who thinks that anyone who says y'all has down syndrom. but they have their own colloquialisms that are ok for some reason.
15. someone from california. theyre way to cool for anyone else anyhow
16. anyone brainwashed by that nigger barack obama and/or hilary clinton
17. someone who believes that white males are concentrated evil.
Me: that liberal idiot thinks i cant read because i'm from Texas. What a jackass

Conservative 2: ya. hes a queer anyways. look at those gay ass jeans.

Me: oh well. he's gonna have a hell of a time teaching his kid not to do wrong with a stern 5 minute time out. that is if he doesn't abort it. i'm gonna beat my kid's ass when he or she screws up.
by white male from the sout March 25, 2009

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