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Started by the underground punks in the seventies, but frequently (and wrongly) associated with metal heads and nu metal. Basically, at a PUNK SHOW you and your droogskick the living shit out of eachother during a nice song, say, sex and violence by the exploited.

Mosh Pit Vocab-

The Two-Person Approach- frequently used by first-timers and punk ladies who dont want to get beaten too badly. The smaller of the two partners is picked up by the larger of the two and swung around hoping to kick the pussies and emo kids who aren't in the mosh pit in the face with their steel-toed-boots.

Regular style- at a local show, a bunch of kids kicking the shit out of eachother. Normally started when one runs into another one, (purposefully or not) and gets punched in the face.

Ass Fag Emo Kids- kids who stand on the outside of the pit and enjoy pushing the people, who #1- are trying to genuinely get out because their nose is broken, or #2 just got pushed out by someone else in the put, back into the pit quite hard and quite meanly. If you ever get in contact with one of these kids, push them in the pit and do everyone a favor.

The Light Fixture- One hangs from a light fixture and kicks people in the face. If you are one of these, try to hit the ass fag emo kids so they fall into the pit and get squashed.

The Banana- Throwing a banana into a pit. Sometimes done by AFEK, but sometimes done by cool people who just want to poke fun at their friends. I've done this before. The banana eventually gets diffused around the show, and everyone smells like banana.

The Dominants- The kids you see with the metal-covered jackets with the misfits and buzzcocks and adicts patches on their pants/jackets/shirts/body. with the mo/trihawks and steel toe boots. these kids better get some damn respect, or you'd better fuckin run for your emo life. I know doms that have eaten emo kids before, razorblades and all.

The Initiator- That one guy, who, when the song speeds up, socks another kid in the face, thus creating a domino effect getting everyone withing a fifteen foot radius involved in a mosh pit.

Slam Dancing- Cool when done by an established dominant, but not when done by a AFEK trying to be cool. You flail your arms around like a crazy person, and sometimes stand and act like your stabbing someone multiple times, hitting kids in the face left and right.

Nu Metal- Ass Fags making Non-Music. There is no such thing as a Nu Metal, or even a Metal mosh pit. The head bangers head bang, but do not mosh. because moshing is for punks, we started it.
Punk was originially used as a durogotory term for prostitutes during the middle ages.


lets have a mosh pit. we will mosh the night away
by white fingernails October 13, 2005
Trevor backwards, can be used synonomously
Geez, Rovert is looking fine today
by white fingernails October 13, 2005
1.) See the Periodic Table of the Elements. Most of the little squares on the left are metals or metalloids. Nonmetals (with the exception of hydrogen) are on the right fourth, next to the noble gasses.

2.) A genre of music that causes a great difference of opinion. Charachterized by loud cacaphonious guitar riffs and barely audible lyrics, metal fans are derogotoraly referred to as metal heads. But there is no problem in making fun of metal heads because that is what they are, see definition 1, their brains are made of Uranium for listening to that crap. All of you angsty metal kids should listen to some classic punk, or some ska and cut your hair. You will do the world a favor.
1.) I really like to play with Rutherfordium. It's a metal.

2.) "Yeah man, i so totally went to an augument of death salazar war blood shroomfest korncob concert the other night and headbanged all night long to their newest hit, "Kick me in the face and get a tatoo of a dragon on your penis" which has a 672196528 hour long guitar solo of three notes played in repetitive patterns, METAL RULES!" -Metal head
by white fingernails October 13, 2005

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