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A female possessing the triad of 1) no real female friends, 2) excessive flirtiness and/or slutiness and 3) emotional instability in romantic realtionships.

This is often, but not always, found in conjugation with daddy issues.

She is unable to maintain female friendships because she flirts with and or sleeps with their significant others whenever possible. Alternatively she stabs them in the back in order to gain/maintain the affections of men, for which she sees other women as rivals to be defeated at any cost.

Desiring male sexual attention above all else she will flirt with and lead on all men, even those she is absolutely not attracted to. As a result, she may sleep wit many men she does not like in order to maintain their attention.

If she does actually like a man, and he is unfortunate enough to date her, she is likely to behave in irrational ways. She will be incredibly clingy and she will become deeply distraught and/or enraged over the slightest incident. However, she is likely to flirt with other men incessantly and cheat on him in order to ensure that her need for male sexual attention is fulfilled at all times.
"I though you and Lisa were friends?"
"We were until she hooked up with my boyfriend behind my back."
"I thought she was dating Tom?"
"She is."
"Yeah, I've heard she's a crazy psycho bitch."
by white chick + library card April 21, 2012

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