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2 definitions by white biatch

ja rule is a pussy he cnt fight against 50 hes 2 weak he mite aswell n go bk were he came from fake ass rapper
in 1 of his songs he sed summin like he nows how 2 b a pimp or summin like tht how can he b a pimp if hes married stupid rat
fake ass rapper only made it cuz hes always singin wiv ashanti how eva u spell her name
by white biatch April 17, 2005
yo 50 is the best rapper ever i cudnt give a fuk wat y'all fink if it wasnt 4 50 then lloyd banks n all them wudnt b as good as they are now y'all jus jelouse of weres he cum from i dnt fink the rest of u cud do it so y'all need 2 go home n hush ya gums aight stupid arse mufafukas
the best rapper in the world
by white biatch April 06, 2005