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Acronym used by clever, conceited, and ill-wishing gamer's to represent the phrase, "Get fucked, hope you lose." Often in response to the phrase "glhf."
Player 1: GLHF!!1
Player 2: gfhl nub
by whippLe June 17, 2008
The ACLU is an American subsidary of Al-Queda. Considered by most to be the greatest threat to liberty outside of bears, Kashi brand breakfast cereals, Clive Owens, chapped lips, and strinne green striped patterned throw rugs, the ACLU is a group of liberal-minded, card-carrying, propaganda-pushing elitists bent on destroying freedom and forcing upon us the earlier-than-nature-intended legions of Satan.
Satan: I don't see a problem with gay marriage. *wink*
ACLU: Good, all their souls are belong to us.
by whippLe June 17, 2008

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