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A crazy pseudo science, but also...Jack Black sees you walkin but all he can think about is, DIANETICS, your butt cheeks is warm.
Dianetics junior much better than krishna
dianetics junior much better indeed
by whey face February 21, 2004
an adjective used to describe a person who is excessivly neanderthal like in apearance temperment and inteligence.
by whey face May 30, 2003
a mystical device obviously run by elves, infected with dookfonkers (look up dookfonker)
who check it out a computer, hurry put on your dookfonker protectors
by whey face May 26, 2003
whey face is an adjective used to describe me because i am soo awsome and godlike thats why my name is whey face. whey face-god whey face-god get it? i do and if you dont then your a dookfonker
"WHOOOOOOo i am such a whey face!"
by whey face May 30, 2003
a huge vein in the forehead of a person, to truly be a foofoo, the vein must pulsate and turn a dark color when the person becomes emmbaraced.
"whoaaaaa look at that fooo foooooooo!
by whey face May 29, 2003
Idealistic idiots who are should all be rounded up and burned, or just shot on sight. (also see hippie)
"environmentalists love to have sex with trees"
by whey face May 26, 2003
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