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any game played out of boredom - typically a board game, but any activity will do.
When I lived in Hagtown I typically spent my Friday nights playing bored games.
by wheredgirlsat March 07, 2010
or "fucking with the neighbors"
1) blasting porn when you leave your apartment as retribution.
2) blasting porn while in your apartment so others think you have a girlfriend.
WTF, what's with the porn?
Since those hicks upstairs can't keep their kids from banging around on the floor, I decided to start fucking the neighbors too.

Do you hear that? John is getting laid!
It's just porn. That wanker is fucking the neighbors.... again.
by wheredgirlsat March 07, 2010
derogatory nick name for Hagerstown, Maryland, that fittingly describes its large population of obese, uneducated, unwed mothers.
"Have you met a girl in Hagtown yet?"
"None that I want to talk about."
by wheredgirlsat April 07, 2009

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