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the act of numerous men pushing a log halfway out and inserting them in every oriface in another individuals body.the gang version of space docking.
"we invite that hoe over for some gang docking"
#space docking #powerline girlfriends #my mom #gang dock that hoe #insest #left turns #nascar
by whe dont pawn 6 no mo March 28, 2008
When hitting it from behind. keep repositioning her so her face keeps getting closer and closer to the head board. then just as you bust swipe her hands out from in front of her and let her face slam off the head board!
Dude did you hear I did the dale earnhardt to a powerliner's girlfriend
#powerline girlfriend #road rash #your mom #the donald douglas special #the number 3
by whe dont pawn 6 no mo March 28, 2008
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