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License plate motto: Live Free or Die. No state income tax. No state sales tax. State operated liquor stores. Beautiful, heavily wooded and mountanous state located in the northeastern region of the United States known as New England. Very low crime rate and anyone can legally walk around with a gun strapped to their belt without getting a license.It has a small population located mostly along it's border with the hated much more urban and populated state of Massachusetts, where many if not most New Hamsterites find well paying jobs that don't exist in their *cough* booming state.
Dude, I wasn't born yesterday, whaddaya think I just drove down from New Hamster in a pick-up truck?
by whatthefucksyourproblemboss? November 09, 2006
No,everyone is not gay in the Commonwealth (those are mostly out-of-towners) and no we don't talk "funny" you do. Massachusetts DID NOT lose population in 2000 or 2005. It always gains population, mostly around Boston. It's very crowded. In fact all the people are kind of a pain in the ass. It in fact is one of the most densly populated states in the country. And New Hamster residents all work in Massachusetts and live close to it's border because there are NO JOBS in New Hamster. New Hamster can not provide enough gainful employment for it's own measly 1.4 million (Jesus after all these years of hearing how "everyone" is moving up there,that's it! 1.4 million!) population. Pathetic. And please stop sending your homeless and deinstitutionalized mental patients on buses down to Boston, the Commonwealth has enough of it's own thank you very much. And taxes are not high, 34 out of 50 states. And for a state of it's size and diversity with a huge urban area it's crime rate is low. And negro please, don't get me started on our wicked excellent Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins. And our award winning professional soccer franchise whose name escapes me at the moment but the whole world knows they're on point. Massachusetts is on point. Just travel up the road to New Hamster if you don't believe me.
Dude, I gotta drive to Massachusetts every day because there ain't no work in New Hamster.
by whatthefucksyourproblemboss? November 09, 2006

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