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A small town in Westchester, NY. 97% of this town is full of shit. The highschool kids get piss drunk and incredibly high every weekend because it's all they have to do. The cops always bust their faggot-ass parties. Almost everyone is Jewish and rich. Everyone talks about everyone behind each others' backs. Most of the girls are total sluts and a lot of the guys think they are "gangster". It is extremely rare to find a great guy or girl in Chappaqua, and if you do, it's probably because they didn't grow up there. At the highschool, Horace Greeley Highschool, the homecoming dance is a giant orgy and all the girls (who are pale, have bad skin, and dress like skanks) hook up with 6+ guys in one night. Most of the girls here are shallow dumbasses with nothing better to do than permanently straighten their hair and wear Abercrombie so they can stick their small asses out. Not to mention, the girls are also total bitches. Chappaqua used to be "okay" considering the fact that girls didn't used to be as slutty, and the parties consisted of more than drinking and hooking up with everyone, but now it's total shit. You don't make it very far in highschool as a girl if you're not fake and hot. The sophomores victimize you if you are a freshman girl and they always think they're better than everyone else. Everyone has a dying need to go to 6 different people's houses in one night because one party at one house is clearly not enough. On AIM, most girls from this town taalkkk likeee thissss loll hahaaa. <33 lyl Freshman tend to get drunk every weekend too because they are puny little underclassmen that seek acceptance by partying and drinking. The parents of these obscene kids don't know how bad they are because they don't actually like their kids at all and don't give a damn about the fact that their "perfect little angels" are actually getting high and having sex all the time. Nearly everyone is fake, and if you end up living there I will pray for you.

Not all people from Chappaqua are like this. But MOST ARE. Beware. I live here, and can't stand how ridiculous this town is.

Girl from Chappaqua: Ohmmygoddd I hooked up with Dan lastt night I was likkee soo highh I don't even remember hahaaa. But I kind of want to hook up with Greg nowwww he's so hottt =] <3

Girl from outside of Chappaqua: Wow. You are clearly from Chappaqua.
by whatsupsucker November 15, 2008

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