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A well known surf spot in Santa Cruz where waves crash right next to a cliff of death and if you don't hit the cliff of death then you'll hit the rock of death that's 2 feet under the water and just so happens to be right where the waves break.
If you ever go to Steamer Lane to surf then make sure to surf Middle Peak so that you can avoid any hard-surfaced rock-like material of death.
#santa #cruz #steamer #lane #cliff
by whatsapseudonym???? September 20, 2009
1. A mysterious spell known as World of Warcraft in the form of a video game that is cast upon unsuspecting people and it slowly sucks away your soul and any social life you previously had. You ditch all your real life friends for new in-game friends and instead of planning to hang out with friends on the weekend you plan game sessions with other geeky victims to this soul-sucking game. Eventually your lifeless corpse is no longer part of the real world and you sit at your computer all day in a dimly lit basement doing the only thing you still know how to do, which is play WoW.

Common side effects of WoW include teaching yourself to self-feed off darkness and cutting a hole in your chair to place a basket under it so that you no longer have to take bathroom breaks.

2. What your response should be when your friend turns down an opportunity to hang out in favor of playing WoW.

Friend 1: "Hey want to hang out today?"
Friend 2: "No I have a planned gaming session to go play WoW."
Friend 1: "Wow."
#world of warcraft #wow #video game #basement #computer
by whatsapseudonym???? September 20, 2009
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