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Why do so many people have to talk about Green Day. They're an amazing band. & they dont suck! I like American Idiot but i like there older stuff. Just because a bunch of punk/scene/emo wannabes only like their new stuff but not the old stuff doesn mean that EVERY teenager is like that. I enjoy Green Day's awesome guitar, amazing drums, incredible bass, and lovable lyrics. Im not a frickin wannabe like some other teens are. And so what if a bunch of people think theyre cuz news flash THEY ARE. But thats not why some people like them.

So dont judge every teenager who likes Green Day. Cuz there are fans like me who arent wannabes & like their old stuff better
& their new stuff is good, i just like the older stuff better
So back off assholes!
Punk: "I love Green Day"
Annoying Person: "oh green day sucks, you're just a wannabe"
Punk: "no im not. I love their old stuff better."
Annyoing Person: "Green Day still sucks."
Punk: "Why cuz their hotter than you AND better musicans? Not to mention famous unlike you?"
Annoying Person: "whatever"
Punk: "Go fuck off and stop judging Green Day fans"
by whatareyoupeoplesojudgemental? April 07, 2010

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