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A girl that has been fucked to much, worn out like an old stained jumper that no one wants... Like a wannabe Milf, you know the sort old bird thinks she can still go out every week and looks like shit in a microwave.
"Look at that old stained bitch"

"What a fucking mess"

"Yeah what a fucking stained bitch"

"I wouldn't wipe my ass off in her face"
by whatafuckinghero February 26, 2007
A Goat Pig is a ugly Bitch, fat looks like shit... Every pub or night club has its goat pigs, often with there fat tits hanging out.

"Mate, did you see that goat pig, what a fucking state"

"Fuck off you goat pig"

"Take your face for a shit you goat pig!"
by whatafuckinghero February 26, 2007

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