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Not to be confused with the current, trendy blog. A forum is a space where like minded individuals can contribute information of mutual benefit. A forum is a repository of data which is meant to inform and educate on a particular subject.

Forums generally are not conversational, rather, they are contributory.
An example of a forum is a Web site where dental hygenists may contribute information on technique, research, seminars and practicums, case studies, and all other manner of useful data.
by whalewriter November 22, 2005
An acronym, short for "smells like poo." Response to a statement or action by a person or entity, which is intended to shine-on the recipient.

Variations: SMOOing, act of shining-on or BSing.
BOSS: We will carefully consider your thoughts, run it by our corporate office, and have a response for you shortly.

WORKER TO CO-WORKER: That guy is smooing us. What is this "we" stuff?
by whalewriter January 11, 2006

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