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When you have a few beers and get a nice buzz/warm blanket effect on your brain. Just like when your dad used to come home late after a hard long day at work, drink a few beers and fall asleep watching the TV feeling good.
"dude i'll pass on the whisky, I just want a nice dad buzz tonight."
by wh219 November 12, 2008
when you become weak after struggling to be able to open a bottle. if you cant open it on the first go, you probably have bottle fatigue
"ive been trying to get this bottle of coke open for 5 minutes and my hand is raw, i've got some serious bottle fatigue", "tyra opened up the bottle immediately for me cause she did not have bottle fatigue and my attempt left my hands crippled and useless"
by wh219 May 02, 2010
after a long day at work. dads just gonna blaze some serious cheeba and blow mad clouds while falling asleep at the tv
"dads not talking to mom but he's laughing at the letterman show, and i don't get it. he's blowing some serious dad cloud"
by wh219 May 02, 2010
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