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When you go to a conviniance store to buy condoms. The indian cashier sees the condoms and remarks, "oo someone is going to get some poosy tonight, boom kaka boom."
I was buying a five hour energy shot and condoms and when i brought them up to the register, the cashier started saying "boom kaka boom, boom kaka boom," and humping the register.
by wh #3 January 17, 2010
Doin a Zack is when you travel to Compton to buy a prostitute for the first time. When you see one to your liking, you pull over and ask how much. She gives you a price and gets in the car. You turn to get the money, and when you turn back to face her, a giant 13-inch dick is staring you in the face. Upon seeing this, you kick that ass out of the car and go home to take a shower.
Mike : Oh my god i had the worst night last night.
Jason : Why, what happened?
Mike : I ended up doin a Zack.
Jason :Wtf is that?
Mike : I wanted to buy a prostitute and take her back to my place to get a hellen keller, but then she wipped out the biggest dick i've ever seen.
Jason : O shit that sucks.
by wh #3 January 16, 2010
The greatest movie ever filmed. Features an epic journey through the streets of west hempstead, searching for the glorious proto and his magical powers. If you haven't watched it yet, your a flaming homosexual
I saw the search for proto last night and creamed myself
by wh #3 January 20, 2010

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