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aye reet fair enough aye am a "charver" n half the stuff ya sayin is spot on 4 a charver: drink drugs raves goin wild wey aye its all in a day work init aye but rite the thing is am canny cleva aswel n for al the fukin idiats on ere hu try sayin wav got 1 fukin braincell n wa cant read wey huw man waht the fuck have a just done am sik ov evry1 sayin wa gan rnd burstin every1 for nee reason if wa gana start wif a sum fukin hippy wav obv got a reason 4 it n wa hav mor rik wif each otha thn any otha cunts so yas divnt na th fukin half ov it n b4 ya start on aye wen am skint a dee drink white storm n al tht cheap shite bt if av got th lowie ad rava pay 4 sum fukin vodka mesel lke anyday so ya canit say wa fukin tramps & aye a dee dabble in drugs sooo fuk man its a frisk
reet just had 2 get tht off me chest am fukin sik ov all yee daft cunt fukin seriotypes hamarin us charver 2 bits its a fukin joke man sum cunt stik up 4 us lot 4 1ce coz th fukin laws alway on wa case
by wey wa canit say tht 1 April 07, 2007

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