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Flurgh is a non-comittal response given when you are uncertain as to what to reply to a question, or wish to obtain more information before answering. Usually used in reply to invitations to take part in sporting activities or social engagements.
On the whole flurgh leans toward being a negative answer, and is used when you don't want to give offense.

If you wish to be slightly more expansive on your meaning when using flurgh, the '+' and '-' signs may be used in conjunction with flurgh ie. maybe yes: +flurgh, and probably no: -flurgh.

Flurgh should never be spoken aloud, only ever written, but if it was pronounced it would sound phonetically almost exactly as it is spelled.
Dave says: Jon, would you like to come out with Jenna and i this Saturday?

Jon says: flurgh

Dave says: It's going to be a good show, a musical..

Jon says: -flurgh
by westsaffa July 26, 2006
To be favoured by the reception of an email with attached pic/s of the hoff generally in a cheesy/homoerotic pose & with large tufts of vibrant chest hair exposed.

Origin: the first hoffings took place in a small town in Germany, with the exchange of full colour Hoff calendars between loved ones on Valentines day.
'Arrgh! Melissa just hoffed me at work again and the boss now thinks i'm perverted!'
by westsaffa July 26, 2006
An excited and energised state experienced by nerds when temporarily uplifted by positive(often virtual)events in their lives.
These experiences often lead nerds to believe that real life, sex, nonline girlfriends, sporting ability and good looks are not that important after all.
Geek 1: (types) 'whoa guys i'm totally nergied by that final round of Legend Quest 3 : The Gathering!!'

Geek 2: (types)'yeah man it was so kewl man'

Geek 3: (types)'man yeah man it was rad'

(soft round of cyber hi-fives follows)
by westsaffa August 10, 2006
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