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The greatest place on Earth. The place home to the most legendary citizens in the world. The place which holds the most infamous fields and best spots. The place where people from all around the world come to just chill at the field and smoke a nice blunt. The place where only the finest are aloud to drink a cold brew. The place that doesn't take shit from anyone. The place that is much tougher than other places such as dedham and southie. The place which holds the notorious fields such as Billings and Hynes Field. The place which holds Beercan which is said to be a pathway Christopher Columbas took on his journey once he reached America. The place that is neighborly to Roslindale, an equal place to West Roxbury. Roslindale is home to the most known field around Fallon Field. West Roxbury is the place to be. So if anybody wants it West Roxbury and Roslindale will sure fuck your shit up.
Joe:Where was the party at last night, there was nothing poppin in dedham.
Fred: You should of came to West Roxbury. There's shit popping there every night.

The infamous from West Roxbury were down at their field when the dedham kids rolled up. The dedham kids didn't leave their car and didn't do shit.
by westrox32 May 30, 2011
The field where people come and go. Hynes Field is located on the VFW parkway. People who chill at Hynes Field are known as the Hynes Crew. Many people who represent Hynes Field also chill at the nearby woods known as Beercan. Beercan is a fairly large set of woods with only 2 main entrances/exits. This woods are very hot so don't come through with a large squad. It is said that Christopher Columbas once walked through these woods when he discovered America. Hynes Field is not as hot as Beercan but cops do role by on the VFW Parkway. The neighbors to Hynes Field are mostly dickheads who call the police if people there are too loud. Hynes Field is the spot to be at at nighttime. Many legends and next generation legends chill at this field. Hynes field is an easy spot to sit and burn a blunt and chug a 40oz. So come through to the field...I got 5 on it.
Mad heads were posted down at the field...Hynes field to be exact.

Joe:Whos down at the field?
Chris: Mad heads Hynes is always bumping at nightime

Fred(Lighting a Blunt)
Joe: Chill im not trying to get bopped.
Fred: It's straight cops never come down to Hynes Field.
by westrox32 May 30, 2011

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