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a name originating from L. Ron Hubbard's book of "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" . This name refers to the infamous space pirate el lukas the shit instigator. It is prophesized that el lukas is to dispose of tom cruise with the use of a penis stired, cyanide laced, margarita. he than proceeds to detonate cruise's first born child, not only for fun but because the baby is prophesized as the next anti christ. katie homes impressed by this lavish display of organized recklessness surrenders to her hedonistic desires towards the stunningly handsome pirate. after many unimaginable nights of delight, she is also detonated. this time purely for fun.

these series of events lead to a revolution stretching across the universe. reviving the once banal and insipid planet known as earth, and bringing candy and nun chuks to all children and czechoslovakian candle makers.

thus the term lukas refers to anyone influencing change, or events.
"dont touch that, your such a lukas"

"you shat in the roller derby trophy? what a lukas"

"he was great leader, an essential lukas"
by westpanio August 01, 2006
a term referring to any person, place, or thing clouded with uncertainty, or possible cause of concern.
melissa!? she gave me V.D. stay out of that waffle shack!
by westpanio April 19, 2006

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