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Both words shakin' and happnin', conveniently wrapped into one word. Both words alone have gone out long ago, but slapp'nin brings it all back in style.
Yo dude, what's slapp'nin!

Dude #1 - hey, what's goin' on?
Dude #2 - what's slappin' man!
#shakin' #happnin #happening #shaking #what's up
by westover dude January 13, 2010
Apparel or decorative item that can be construed as either a holiday item or seasonal item.
Its March 12th and it's still OK to have my holidrogenous glitter snowflakes hanging from my porch.

My holidrogenous red and green sweater still looks appropriate in February.

The snowman windowcling sticker that you put on your front door in December can still pass as a March seasonal holidgrogenous decoration.
#holiday #androgenous #christmas #winter #season
by westover dude January 11, 2010
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