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The only girl that is in a guy's league. Most available ass is nasty and only snatched up by foreign kids that can't get with the hotter, more popular girls.
Duder 1: "Whoa check out Italian homeboy with that big Samoan girl!"

Duder 2: "Wow! She stinks dude. And she's like a foot taller than him."

Duder 1: "He's gotta take that. That's his only available ass!"
by westfalia January 11, 2010
The removal of a male's foreskin at a very late time in his life. Most common late circumcisions occur when a foreign male comes to the US in his teens and wants to be circumsized to fit in with all the other dudes.
Duder: "What's going on man? How was your weekend?"

Foreigner: "Oh man you won't believe this. I got circumsized."

Duder: "Say what!?! Dude you're 14! Didn't that shit hurt?"

Foreigner: "Yea man, you have no idea. It is still killing me."

Duder: "That is one tardy circumcision for sure!"
by westfalia January 04, 2010
The olympics of pooping competitions. Games include: seeing who can poo the most times in one day, seeing who can poo the most by mass in one day and seeing who can clog the toilet the most times in one day. The poolympics typically contain 2-4 male 'athletes'.
Duder 1: "You ready for some poolympics dude?"

Duer 2: "Yea, what you wanna do? How about seeing who can clog the shitter the most today?"

Duder 1: "Sounds good to me! I downed 4 burritos last night, just in case you wanted to play."
by westfalia December 29, 2009
The one and only picture of a small chested girl where here tits appear to be large.
Duder 1: "Whoa! Is that your girl? I love the blue thing in her hair and her titties look so big."

Duder 2: "Yea, they do. But they aren't that big. They just look big in that pic."

Duder 1: "So this is her titty pic? Well, it's still nice anyway. I'd cut."
by westfalia December 21, 2009
When a person's father says something inappropriate or uncomfortable in front of their child. This most commonly happens in front of the child's friends when they are a teenager or grown-up.
Dad: "So, anyway I found out she likes it when I shoot it on her face. It happened on accident of course, but it ended up being a good thing."

Kid 1: "Sick dad! That's my mom! What an awkward dad moment."

Kid 2: "Whoa dude your dad is a freak!"
by westfalia December 17, 2009
A nomination for the hottest MILF ever seen.
Boy 1: "Wow dude your mom is so hot! Look at that ass."

Boy 2: "Yes, seriously dude. She's my mom nom of the millenium."

Boy 3: "Fuck you guys, that's my mom."
by westfalia December 15, 2009
The last few get togethers before your buddy moves away.
Duder 1: "Sorry brosephs Chelsea got the job so we are moving in a couple of weeks son."

Duder 2: "DAMMNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!"

Duder 3: "Dudes we have to start our final kick-its this weekend. And your ass betta come visit like erryweekend, or at least once a month."

Duder 1: "Sorry guys, I feel so ashamed. I'm gonna miss you guys BIGTIME yo."
by westfalia March 09, 2010

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