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128 definitions by westfalia

An alternate way to say goodbye to a person, especially when you don't really care about them.
Chica: "Damn that was good. I came like 4 times. Was it good for you?"

Duder: "I'm gettin' my pants on then it's peace out I'm out bitch. Don't call me."
by westfalia February 04, 2010
19 10
A person that was born in the US, but spent a big portion of their life in a foreign country before coming back to the US. Native foreigners tend to act like real foreigners with US papers.
Duder 1: "So-a I come-a to this-a country with $5 and I am-a going to a make-a millions rapping."

Duder 2: "Dude were you born in Italy? You sound so foreign especially when you rap."

Duder 1: "No doggy, I was straight born in Miami son!"

Duder 2: "Damn! You are one native foreigner for sure doggy."
by westfalia February 01, 2010
12 3
A popular way to say England so it flows better, especially in a rap.
Duder 1: "Here's the beat doggy, have fun."

Duder 2: "In Angland I met some bloak, muthafucka liked to sniff the coke."

Duder 1: "Nice one dude, that's the shit."
by westfalia January 29, 2010
13 4
A term, most commonly used while rapping, that is short for 'put a camera'.
Duder 1: "Ok, drop that beat. Hit it."

Duder 2: "I take her to da home yea, I putta camera, I tell her"

Duder 1: "Cut! Did you just say 'putta camera'? That's sick doggy!"
by westfalia January 28, 2010
14 5
A best friend that is acting strange and seems to be hiding something from you.
Duder 1: "So, dude I'm moving in with my girlfriend in a couple months. I couldn't hang out on Saturday because we were looking at apartments."

Duder 2: "You son of a bitch! I knew something was going on. You were totally acting like a shady bff."

Duder 1: "Ha ha yeah dude sorry. I was going to tell you, I just didn't want you to get mad!"
by westfalia January 26, 2010
14 5
The people you invite (usually your best friends) to one of your family get togethers who end up making an ass out of you and ruining the party.
Duder: "What are you doing with that squirt gun?"

Crasher 1: "You're uncle is going down son!"

Crasher 2: "Oh my god dude! You hit him right in the face while he was talking! Run dude run!"

Duder: "Shit guys, get the hell out of here quick. He grabbed some baked beans. I think he's gonna pour them on your car!"

Crasher 2: "Can't believe u had the balls to do that dude."

Crasher 1: "I know, are we the best family get together crashers or what?"
by westfalia January 13, 2010
16 7
The removal of a male's foreskin at a very late time in his life. Most common late circumcisions occur when a foreign male comes to the US in his teens and wants to be circumsized to fit in with all the other dudes.
Duder: "What's going on man? How was your weekend?"

Foreigner: "Oh man you won't believe this. I got circumsized."

Duder: "Say what!?! Dude you're 14! Didn't that shit hurt?"

Foreigner: "Yea man, you have no idea. It is still killing me."

Duder: "That is one tardy circumcision for sure!"
by westfalia January 04, 2010
11 2