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An alternate way to say goodbye to a person, especially when you don't really care about them.
Chica: "Damn that was good. I came like 4 times. Was it good for you?"

Duder: "I'm gettin' my pants on then it's peace out I'm out bitch. Don't call me."
by westfalia February 04, 2010
When a fine brizzle, most commonly your girlfriend, turns down your offer to be one of the hot girls in your upcoming rap video.
Duder 1: "Shit dude! My girl says she won't be the bitch giving me a massage in our video. She says it's degrading."

Duder 2: "Damn dude, that's a shitty vide-ho rejection. Guess we'll just have to get a finer brizzle to do it. She can't say you didn't offer!"

Duder 1: "Yea doggy, this video is going to be the shit! I'm gettin a happy ending!"
by westfalia January 20, 2010
A person that sends an excessive daily amount of hyperlinks to his buddies via instant message and/or email. Most link abusers don't have the best sense of humor and send you mindless, time-wasting crap.
Duder 1: "OMG! You have to check this out dude! So funny!"

Duder 2: "Dude fuck your links! If this is another Lolcat I'm gonna be pissed.......damn you! You're such a link abuser. You're cut off from sending me links son!"

Duder 1: "Don't lie. You love my links."
by westfalia January 13, 2010
The olympics of pooping competitions. Games include: seeing who can poo the most times in one day, seeing who can poo the most by mass in one day and seeing who can clog the toilet the most times in one day. The poolympics typically contain 2-4 male 'athletes'.
Duder 1: "You ready for some poolympics dude?"

Duer 2: "Yea, what you wanna do? How about seeing who can clog the shitter the most today?"

Duder 1: "Sounds good to me! I downed 4 burritos last night, just in case you wanted to play."
by westfalia December 29, 2009
A female that is more of a bitch than other bitches because of her selfishness, constant complaining and disregard of other people's well beings. The female version of a dickety dick.
Chica 1: "You're going to wear that? It makes your hips look as wide as the Titanic."

Chica 2: "You serious? I want to go kill myself right now."

Chica 1: "M'eh! Don't crack the concrete when you hit."

Chica 2: "You're such a bitchety bitch! We all know that shit on your face is herpes, not a cold sore."
by westfalia December 22, 2009
A person that spends 99.9% of their free time playing MMORPGs (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) such as Everquest and World of Warcraft. It is common for neglectful MMORPGers to forget about their family and friends.
Kid: "Damn dad quit being a dick. You've been ignoring mom all day."

Dad: "What the hell are you talking about? I'm in the middle of a raid. Leave me alone kid."

Kid: "You're such a neglectful MMORPGer."
by westfalia December 18, 2009
When a person's father says something inappropriate or uncomfortable in front of their child. This most commonly happens in front of the child's friends when they are a teenager or grown-up.
Dad: "So, anyway I found out she likes it when I shoot it on her face. It happened on accident of course, but it ended up being a good thing."

Kid 1: "Sick dad! That's my mom! What an awkward dad moment."

Kid 2: "Whoa dude your dad is a freak!"
by westfalia December 17, 2009

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