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128 definitions by westfalia

The look a guy gets on his face while masturbating. Most males get a jerk smirk on their face because of the uncontrollable pleasure they are feeling. A jerk smirk can last for several minutes after a guy ejaculates.
Duder 1: "Hurry up in there dude, I gotta trim my bush."

Duder 2: (comes out of bathroom) "Sorry dude, it's all yours."

Duder 1: "What the hell is that jerk smirk on your face for? Awww dude if I step on any of your nasty ass cum..."
by westfalia December 29, 2009
A guy that checks out another guy's package (dick and balls) to see how they stack up against his own. Package peaking most commonly takes place in gym locker rooms and public restrooms.
Duder 1: "What the fuck? Did you just look at my dick man?"

Duder 2: "No way, I ain't a package peaker dude."

Duder 1: "Yes you did! After I finish shaking my dick off, I'm gonna kick your ass."
by westfalia December 29, 2009
A person that spends 99.9% of their free time playing MMORPGs (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) such as Everquest and World of Warcraft. It is common for neglectful MMORPGers to forget about their family and friends.
Kid: "Damn dad quit being a dick. You've been ignoring mom all day."

Dad: "What the hell are you talking about? I'm in the middle of a raid. Leave me alone kid."

Kid: "You're such a neglectful MMORPGer."
by westfalia December 18, 2009
A small pistol that can easily be concealed in night clubs and bars.
Thug 1: "Yo dogg that little wannabe is gonna be at da club tonight. You best grab your club snub."

Thug 2: "Oh fo sho doggy, best know it'll be up in my pants tonight."
by westfalia December 15, 2009
A more gangsta way to say "WWW" (World Wide Web). Most commonly used in the hood.
Thug 1: "Yo dogg, where'd you hear about brizzle browsin'?"

Thug 2: "Ah dogg you need to hit up dub dub dub .urbandictionary.com for all that shit."

Thug 1: "Oh fo sho doggy."
by westfalia December 12, 2009
A less-noticeable, thick patch of embarassing hair on a person's body. People like this go to great lengths to hide their nasty hair during sexual encounters (i.e. having sex in the dark).
Duder 1: "Oh yeah dude I LOVE 69, but I can't do it with the lights on."

Duder 2: "Why the hell not?"

Duder 1: "Because my girl saw my hairy ass last time and said it was nasty. So, I gotta make sure the lights are off so it's incognito bush son!"

Duder 2: "Ha Ha dude! That's so sad that you have to hide that thing!"
by westfalia May 11, 2010
The day you receive your tax return money.
Duder 1: "Dude black people hate me. I'm only gettin $135 back on my taxes this year."

Duder 2: "Say what? Dude I'm gettin' $1800! You fucked up."

Duder 1: "$1800! Damn that's a fat tax return payday doggy."
by westfalia March 12, 2010