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A person that loves having their face stuck up in a girl's meat curtains.
Duder 1: "So how was it with that asian girl last night?"

Duder 2: "Oh dude she had the stretchiest meat curtains I've ever seen. My face was all up in there for like an hour. I was so flap happy."

Duder 1: "You one sick mother, doggy."
by westfalia December 15, 2009
A swarm of girls, particularly at a night club, that move throughout an area leaving disappointment.
Duder 1: "Yo man watch out there's a poon typhoon comin'!"

Duder 2: "Awwww snap! Damn these girls are fine."

Duder 1: "You ok man?"

Duder 2: "Yea doggy, I think I got some blue balls though."
by westfalia December 14, 2009
A person that imitates Emeril Lagasse while they are cooking. Examples include: throwing a kitchen towel over their shoulder and yelling "Bam!" every time they add spices and seasonings to things.
Duder 1: "Smells good dude. Why do you have that towel on your shoulder?"

Duder 2: "What am I supposed to do with it man? Hold on gotta add some oregano.....BAM!"

Duder 3: "You're pretty much an emeriltator dude."
by westfalia December 11, 2009
A term used when talking about sexual intercourse. It's most effective when paired with pelvic thrusting and pumping of the arms.
Dude 1: "Hey man did you gibbit gibbit that girl last night?" (while thrusting pelvis and pumping arms)

Dude 2: "Hell yeah that ass was juicy!"
by westfalia December 09, 2009
Repetitions of the same positioning, start to finish, each time you have intercourse.
Duder 1: "So I turned her around did her doggy for a while, then she got on top of me for a little bit and I finished it off by busting in her mouth."

Duder 2: "Dude you do that every time! That's your sex routine huh?"

Duder 1: "Is it? Shit son! You're right."
by westfalia January 29, 2010
Stands for Mother Sister Black. A woman that is african-american, has children and is known to a guy as his buddy's sister would classify as an MSB. Most white men have an 'achivement sex list' which includes a mom, a black girl, somebody's sister, a teacher, etc... If a white guy has sex with an MSB it is considered a powerful achievement.
Duder 1: "I can't believe you fucked Garrett's sister. She's half black and has a kid dude. You totally scored an MSB!"

Duder 2: "I know man, it was pretty amazing. Those titties were so nice."

Duder 1: "Damn! You're so far ahead of me now. All you have left on your list is a teacher. I got a lot of catching up to do."
by westfalia December 22, 2009
A drug slinger that is just starting out or temporarily selling some drugs for quick cash.
Duder 1: "So I went to the doctor because of the pain after my car accident and he gave me some vicodin. I'm going to sell them shits for like $50 a pill son! I need that money."

Duder 2: "Yeah dude, go for it. You'll be a broke ass amateur dealer but it's cool. Just make sure you don't get shot."

Duder 1: "Word doggy, word."
by westfalia January 14, 2010

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