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128 definitions by westfalia

A mixed CD of personal songs made by one person that he or she is too ashamed to share with his or her buddies. The most common type of confidential mix tape is a CD full of love songs for Valentine's day.
Duder 1: "You're gonna leave the CD in her car so when she starts them shits up in the morning it'll start playing? Nicely done. When do I get to hear it."

Duder 2: "Never doggy! That's a confidential mix tape for sure."

Duder 1: "You're such a bitch dogg. I gots to hear your amazing love ballads."
by westfalia February 14, 2010
A photo of a female that enrages her boyfriend and makes him jealous. Most jealousy pics are taken in night clubs then posted on Facebook for the world to see.
Duder 1: "Check out this pic of my girl. Look at that guy kissing on her cheek. What the hell is that about?"

Duder 2: "I don't know man, but it looks like that's her jealousy pic."

Duder 1: "Fuck you I'm not jealous. That bitch better have a good explanation for this."
by westfalia December 29, 2009
A combination of 'relax' and 'sex'. Relex is the act of relaxing while having sexual intercourse.
Duder 1: "How was your first time?"

Duder 2: "Oh man it was cool. I was totally relex. I wasn't nervous at all."

Duder 1: "You're my idol dude."
by westfalia December 09, 2009
Used to describe a person with an extremely good ability to retain information.
Duder 1: "Dude don't you remember? You thought that girl was hot in 9th grade, but she had really hairy arms."

Duder 2: "What? Are you sure?"

Duder 1: "Yea dude, that's why you backed off."

Duder 2: "Shit you're right. Damn your elephant memory."
by westfalia December 21, 2009
The time early on in a new relationship where a man or woman will do anything to see their gilfriend or boyfriend. You can tell a person is in their sprung phase if they get jealous of their gilfriend or boyfriend's ex, drop in on their gilfriend or boyfriend at work or can't stop showing pictures of their new girlfriend or boyfriend to every one they know.
Duder 1: "Check out my new girl's facebook. She's so hot huh?"

Duder 2: "Sure dude, whatever you say. I'm not into the asians like you are."

Duder 1: "What? Everybody else said she's such an upgrade. Wanna go visit her? She works at Macy's."

Duder 2: "Whoa, you just want to drop in on her? You're definitely still in the sprung phase."
by westfalia January 13, 2010
The feeling of sickness girls get after swallowing too much sperm. Most often followed by throwing up and refusing to swallow a load again. Some girls get cum sick after swallowing their very first load of sperm.
Duder: "Awwww fuck yeaaaahhhh!!! Take that girl!"

Chica: "Oh!" (swallows) "Whoa.... that tasted like..... raw eggs....."

Duder: "You ok? You look a little cum sick girl."

Chica: (throws up all over the place)

Duder: "Fucking nasty! Peace bitch, don't call me ever again."
by westfalia December 29, 2009
Predetermined and consistent sexual intercourse.
Duder 1: "Dude I just realized that me and my girl fuck every other day! Crazy huh?"

Duder 2: "Damn! That's a sweet ass sex schedule, especially if you're getting some spur of the moment sex on top of that."
by westfalia January 29, 2010