128 definitions by westfalia

A name for a person's extensive wardrobe of bath robes.
Duder 1: "Hey man nice closet. What's with all the robes?"

Duder 2: "You know I like to be comfortable AND stylin' 24/7."

Duder 1: "Wow you have a complete line of hugh wear up in here. Now all you need are some skeezy blondes."
by westfalia December 14, 2009
Sending picture(s) of your feces to your buddie(s) via picture message on your cell phone.
Duder 1: "Hey man did you get that pic I sent you this morning?"

Duder 2: "Fuck yea, that shit was a beast son! Thanks for shexting me that."

Duder 1: "There's plenty more where that came from."
by westfalia December 22, 2009

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