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An alternate, more kid-friendly term for diarrhea.
Kid: "Uh oh mommy I gotta go poo! I think it's wet."

Mom: "Oh! Do you have rhea?"

Kid: "Yeah..."
by westfalia December 12, 2009
When a person hears the song "Teach Me How to Dougie" by Cali Swag District, and has a pavlov's dog-type reaction, being un-able to do anything but the "Dougie" dance. This term references an experiment by Ivan Pavlov in which dogs were trained to salivate upon hearing the ringing of the bell.
Duder 1: "I know what will get him going."

Duder 2: "Yea put on that Dougie son. He can't resist them shits. Might as well call that kid Pavlov's Dougie."

(song starts playing)

Duder 3: "Oh damn you guys." (starts Dougie-ing)
by westfalia May 06, 2011
A tale or recount of an event or events that doesn't ever reach a particular point or meaning.
Duder 1: "So the other day I went into Foot Locker and saw a girl working there so I thought it was Lady Foot Locker, but it turns out it wasn't."

Duder 2: "Wow dude, thanks for that nowhere story."
by westfalia December 16, 2009
The nauseating, upset stomach feeling you sometimes get after dining out on some cheap sushi.
Duder 1: "Oh my god dude my stomach hurts. I feel like I'm gonna puke."

Duder 2: "Dang dude what did you have for dinner tonight."

Duder 1: "I went to sushi. I knew I shouldn't have got that mackerel."

Duder 2: "Yea dude, mackerel always gives you the sushi sickness."
by westfalia January 18, 2010
Something that is extremely timeless and will never get old.
Duder 1: "Ha ha I can't believe he stepped on that burning bag full of dog shit."

Duder 2: "I know, that trick is classic as fuck."

Duder 1: "All right, let's go, we got 15 more houses to hit."
by westfalia December 21, 2009
A condition in which a person is convinced that there is a ghost in his or her house. A person suffering from ghost paranoia will often tell you many different stories in which they have seen a ghost in their house and/or seen a ghost doing things with physical objects in their house.
Duder 1: "No for real. I came home one day and my beagle was on top of that fucking ledge. Way up there. I mean, how did he get up there? He can't jump that high."

Duder 2: "Yeah right dude."

Duder 1: "Oh and I saw her one night at the foot of my bed, she was all white and wouldn't take her eyes off me. I just hid under the covers til she went away. Oh and look at this window. Her hand print is still there!"

Duder 3: "Oh my God dude, there's no hand print. You've got ghost paranoia like a son of a bitch. How do you sleep alone at night?"
by westfalia January 26, 2010
A person on the high school yearbook staff that is capable of rigging the 'best of' yearbook content.
Duder 1: "How the fuck did you win best eyes? I have way better eyes than you do!"

Duder 2: "Dude you know my girl is on the yearbook staff. Hella rigged them shits."

Duder 1: "That bitch is your yearbook insider? Damn, I demand a recount."
by westfalia December 21, 2009

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