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A city in Thailand about 150kms from bangkok, it has plenty of beaches and nice weather.

It also has a crazy night life where you can have a hell of a lot of fun.

Unfortunatley there are a lot of older mostly overweight men there who go to bang younger Thai girls or boys.

It has a fairly big gay district and there are also a lot of transexuals there too.

There is a main street that you walk down at night called Walking Street where it is packed full of bars and clubs, the drinks are at resonable prices and the women are gorgeous.

There are a lot of tourists there but the locals seem to be friendly and accomadating.

The food is really good and very cheap, go if you want to see something you've never seen before and have a great experience.
Pattaya can be a extremely fun, just be aware of the tranny's who crack onto you just be polite and say no don't be rude or they might shank you
by westernbulldogs February 13, 2007
A tiny island off the coast of Thailand where it has many amazing beaches and beautiful scenery.

Again there are a lot of tourists here (mostly european) but they are decent people and quite friendly.

The local Thai people are friendly and the food again is great yet it is a little more expensive than Pattaya.

There are many many markets and stalls to shop from but be careful as the store owners try to rip you off, you have to barter with them.

The price you should pay for a shirt there is about 150 Baht though they will try selling it to at 750 baht at the start, just tell them 150 and they will say no, proceed to walk off and they will call you back and sell it to you at the right price.

It is also a great place to party with plenty of bars (possibly more than Pattaya) and plenty of accomadating women to spend the night with.

It has a younger crowd compared to Pattaya which is of course good if you yourself are also young.

Basically it is a great experience and there are plenty of things to do such as riding Elephants going to monkey islands and seeing some picturesque landscapes and beaches.
Go to Phuket to get drunk and have a ball, the women are great and the beaches are amazing.
by westernbulldogs February 13, 2007

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