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Any drink prepared with liquor deemed by a particular bar as "wells". All bars have different brands of "wells liquor". Usually this is their cheapest liquor and is used in most drinks unless a specific brand of liquor is "called" (requested).
See call.
Special: $2 Shots. (Wells)
by Wester97 March 30, 2004
One who pwns

The root word "pwn" is not to be confused with the owning as possession, pwn would refer to mastering something or someone beyond normal words.

see pwn and madpwnr
I am the ultimate pwnr.
by Wester97 March 30, 2004
Used in online gaming to describe something that is hardcore. In online gaming it is popular to add extra syllables onto or in this case into existing words.
Kenny is hardnesscore.
by Wester97 March 30, 2004
A fraternal group dedicated to guys who are too cool for university fraternity groups. They have elite parties and drink intoxicating cocktails and do not have to get women drunk to have sex with them.
You going to the Symmes tonight?
by Wester97 March 30, 2004
Originally spelled "HazMat" which is short for "Hazardous Materials."
I had to call in a HassMatt team to hose me, hose me, hose me down.
by Wester97 April 02, 2004
A term used to describe a woman's sex appeal in terms of her booty.
::watching a girl walk by:: Sweetnass!
by Wester97 March 30, 2004
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