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6 definitions by wesT

the word used to describe a brotha's (blaskan's) igloo.
NIGGER 1: dawg, where in the hell does you live?
NIg 2: I live in a mothafuckin nigloo
by WEST June 28, 2004
33 14
the most popular group in all of hamtramck the pimps that run hamtown
yo dawg you see him hes part of midnightbums they're the shiznit
by west June 14, 2004
23 13
buffatuff! dat is 1 sexy arab!
i sure wudnt mind hittin dat from da back
by west June 15, 2004
41 35
a nigger that lives or resides in Alaska
guy 1:dog, that blaskan has a huge motherfucking penis.
guy 2:Even with shrinkage homes?
guy 1:dawg he black
by wesT May 29, 2004
2 4
extremely generalized adjective that can be used to describe basically anything at all.
bro, nooch haircut.

man, last night, so nooch, my nigloo burned down

that girl is nooch as hell, talk about it.
by wesT June 14, 2008
10 17
Wow Hot hot hot!!!! (buff) id eat him
Dat buff arab from white flats
by west June 15, 2004
48 60