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Stupid fucking website hosting place with stupid ugly crap.
Fuck Geoshitties!
by Wes September 06, 2003
A person's ability to royally fuck up a situation. Also known as the "fuck up factor"
Deonte's FUF was huge on monday night
by wes February 24, 2005
distracted, preoccupied, generally out-of-it, not lucid
After remaining awake for 36 hours straight to cover an extra shift in the ER, the flavored young doctor crashed on the break room couch.
by Wes October 26, 2003
to dig up a corpse or remove someone from their grave
the earth may have swallowed the stinking corpse but its about to be exhumed
by wes March 08, 2005
the nasty, greasy, stinky build up from under your sweat-laden nutsaq. Also known as duck butter.
"I went in Johnny's room while he was sleeping, then I laid my dong on his face and rubbed my scrotum cheese under his nose"
by Wes August 11, 2004
Framastat: Any or all pieces of a contraption of any type that you do not know what it really is.
Hey dad, what's that next to the spark plug? That would be the framastat little Billy.
by Wes August 11, 2004
What one says to girls who think they are hot, but are ugly. In reference to the hot news anchor Rudi Bakhtiar on CNN, and used as a comparison of the two.
Girl get yo skank ass back from me, you ain't no Rudi!
by wes July 11, 2004

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