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The one giant, hurtful turd that you cry went it passes in the shithole of Ohio. Known for having a deadly lake and full of rednecks or stoners, no one else. There is nothing to do other than getting chased by stupid rednecks in their trucks. Many of the white trash live in town and dress and act like rednecks, this includes not showering, driving run down trucks, and cougar killing. They school system is awful and the town is boring. There is a 75% rate of failure by the people in that town, mostly the recent high school graduates. People who are smart are ashamed of the town and GTFO as soon as they can. Common hangouts include Taco Bell, Kroger, and the truuuck Black Betty.
1. Person 1: Did you hear about St Marys?

Person 2: Who gives a fuck about that honkey-tonk town?

2. Person 1: Where are you from?

Person 2: St Marys.

Person 1: I bet your glad to get out of that crap town.
by weremy jilson January 14, 2011

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