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n. bint, bit of a.
You've got yourself a Baroness, right there.
by wench September 01, 2004
some queer cunt from sydney australia :)
<SuperMarine> i am a queer cunt from sydney
by wench October 16, 2003
some 1 who is extremely batty
"richard brick is such a battieghei"
by wench March 10, 2004
inserting of the penis into the poches rectum..... what many of my co-workers do for a living .........can you dig
She is fucking the dog (fornicating the canine)
by wench April 26, 2004
means you completely pwnd the other team and r rubbing it in their faces
"i R 1337... gg"
"like yo bitch that wernt no gg"
by wench March 10, 2004
one who does not bathe , shower or cleanse herself.. often does not wash the hair.. has a stench about her.. and wears dirty clothes
HEy she's a dirty girl
by wench April 26, 2004
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